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Distinguishing Depression from Grief

Distinguishing Depression from Grief

Grief is a normal emotion or reaction that people feel whenever a relatively bad situation happens. Loss of a loved one, ending a relationship, not realizing your expectations, and many others can cause sadness or grief. Because we process our emotions differently from each other, some might think the grieving process is the same as depression. However, there are distinguishable aspects of one from the other. As a trusted teen treatment center in Los Angeles, we are sharing with you these differences between depression and grief to serve as a guide:

  • When one is grieving, their self-esteem is still intact. However, when one is depressed, self-loathing and worthlessness are felt. This feeling of self-hate is one of the things being treated at rehab treatment centers.
  • The painful feelings in grief usually come in waves and are often accompanied by fond memories of the deceased loved one. In depression, however, the negative feelings are usually constant. When these feelings subsist for two weeks, a check-up at your nearest depression treatment center is advised.
  • However, there are times when grief and depression co-exist. The loss of a loved one, for instance, can bring grief but can also trigger depression. Despite this, it is still crucial to differ one from the other as it can help people get the help that they need.

When a heartbreaking situation happens, a teenager might have a hard time processing it. When you observe that your teen is already exhibiting symptoms of depression, it is best if you advise them to get checked. Teen Depression is one of the most reliable rehab centers in Los Angeles. Our mental health professionals are dedicated to helping your teen who is suffering from depression overcome such condition.

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