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Schools And Families Can Help in Fighting Depression

3 Ways That Schools And Families Can Strengthen A Teens Fight With Depression

It is during the teenage years that adolescents become conscious of their emotions. Often, anxiety and fear set in due to the hormonal and environmental changes that happen around them. During this stage of self-awareness, things can get confusing and talking about how they feel and think may be difficult.

Both peer and academic pressure can contribute to anxiety and depression developing in teenagers because they trying to understand in their lives.

By identifying the different trigger points of teenage depression, schools, families and our Teen Treatment Center in Los Angeles, can all pitch in to help save our teenagers from walking into the gloomy side of life.

Here are the common signs of depression and anxiety that you can use to help your child:

  • Lack of interest in going to school
  • Lack of sleep
  • Grades consistently dropping
  • Increased anger and irritability
  • Developing vices and having secrets

What can schools do?

  1. Strengthen Anti-bullying Programs
    Schools can initiate different anti-bullying programs per year level so they can have active participation among their students. This can give further emphasis on every year level that the program is not just for the whole school but can be individualized by each group. Bullying should be taken seriously so that schools can mold students into great people.
  2. Promote Others-centeredness
    Instead of an inward and self-serving approach to life, Selflessness should also be promoted in schools to help children consider their classmate, friend, and teacher. We share one world, so being kind to one another should be the norm. Families and schools can strengthen a foundation of selflessness.
  3. Promote Memorable Learning
    Instead of solely going by the books inside a classroom, teachers can incorporate technology and other forward ways of learning to make it more personal and memorable. Teenagers are drawn to excitement, and very much like children, they also need stimulating material that will help develop their artistic and analytical thinking. But in return, teachers also need to be given modern training for them to introduce new ways to their class.

It may all be easier said than done and it can even take more than our Teen Treatment Center in Los Angeles and more than a village to make all of this happen, but if we all pitch in to make a better world for our children, there is no task too great and no task too small.

Schools and families can change the world. Share this link from Teen Depression to help change a teenager’s life.

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