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Can Your Teenager Have OCD? Here are the Signs…

Can Your Teenager Have OCD? Here are the Signs…

If it’s your first time to encounter this, OCD stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder. It’s a mental condition wherein your child will have a seemingly impossible time of keeping themselves from worrying. Yes, it’s true that worrying and doubting are normal parts of life. But there’s a repetitive habit of these negative thoughts that can become like an obsession. And the hard truth is that, it can happen to your child.

As advocates of teenager’s mental health and provider of Teen OCD treatment in Los Angeles, we would like to say first of all that OCD can be won. While OCD is a real battle for every 1 among 200 American teens, your child can win this over with your help, support, and of course, with professional intervention.

In order for you, dear parents, to be able to help your child with OCD, your teenager has to be diagnosed with the condition first. Without a professional diagnosis, you cannot proceed with any intervention at all. So we’re back to the main concern. How do you know when your child has OCD?

Here are the common signs of OCD among teenagers:

  • They have an unusual fear of being dirty, germs, and getting contaminated.
  • They always ensure that everything is precise and in order.
  • They have an unusual obsession in following and obeying your religious beliefs.
  • They manifest thoughts about sexual activities or aggressive behavior.
  • They are always afraid that they or their family members can get sick.

The signs indicated above can lead to compulsive practices such as the following:

  • Repeatedly washing their hands, taking a bath, or brushing their teeth
  • Always going over their homework many times
  • Keeps on checking if the doors are locked
  • When they’re writing, they repeatedly reread what they wrote, erase, and then write again
  • They always re-arrange objects or things at home
  • They repeatedly clean their room or specific areas at home

Your teenager most likely starts this OCD behavior in the late part of their childhood or just before they enter the teen years, approximately between 7-12 years. These are crucial years of your child as they start to feel like they want to fit in and they can get stressed about not being part of anything. These experiences can result in OCD behaviors.

As soon as you notice these kinds of symptoms, you have to seek a professional to assist you. You can ask a referral from your friends or drop us a visit in our teen depression treatment in Los Angeles, California. Your immediate concern can spell a lot to their overall well-being. OCD can impair your child’s normal functionality. Hence, the earlier you seek for intervention the better it will be for them.

At Teen Depression, we would like to comfort you in knowing that the OCD in your child can be managed and coped. We’re here to journey with you towards the recovery of your child so you can have your peace of mind.

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