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How Social Media Contributes to Teen Depression

How Social Media Contributes to Teen Depression

Nowadays, social media is a popular and powerful tool that enables individuals to interact with each other and stay updated with what is going on on a local, national, and even a global scale. On the flip side, though, it can also contribute to depression among teens, warranting the need for Teen Depression Rehab Los Angeles.

At first, having phones that can access social media in the hands of teens can be a positive experience, giving them the chance to communicate with their friends. However, social media can also affect them in a negative way. Most of the time, teens do not always seek Teen Depression Therapy Los Angeles whenever they encounter something negative online.

If you, as parents, want to help your teenage children avoid depression, you need to know how social media specifically affects their lives and how Teen Depression Treatment in Los Angeles, California is available.

Here are some reasons why social media contributes to Teen Depression:

  • They feel the pressure to fit in.
    To fit in, teens typically post only their best experiences. Most people show off and browsing through social media news feeds only increases the teens’ desire to fit in. They even take multiple photos until they get the pictures that they think best represent them or their experiences, leading them to also have the need of attending Teen OCD treatment Los Angeles.
  • They have lesser personal interactions.
    Social interactions do not only pertain to words. They involve body language and facial expressions. Social media lessens interaction in the real world. Others even need anxiety treatment just to interact with real people.
  • A lot of teens suffer from cyberbullying.
    Social media has also become a platform for people to spread lies, divulge secrets, and even ruin other people’s lives. Teens may suffer from these experiences, causing them to seek depression treatment.

Teen Depression offers teen depression treatment Los Angeles for your loved ones. Hope is not lost, you just have to grab it. Call us to get more details about our programs.

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