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Parents’ Guide: Detecting Depression in your Teenager

Parents’ Guide: Detecting Depression in your Teenager

How do we really know if someone is undergoing depression? We can see a young person smiling and having the time of her life but in reality, she is sad and miserable. A quiet high school classmate can be mistaken for someone who is having big personal problems, when in fact it is just his normal demeanor. Someone whom we think is perfectly fine is already having an internal breakdown of problems she does not know how to handle.

The sad thing about depression is we do not know who has it and who doesn’t. Unlike a typical health condition, it has no telltale signs and it can hide under a facade. Even parents, they find hard to determine whether their child is facing depression or not.

But as a teen depression treatment in Los Angeles, California, Teen Depression, has encountered so many issues that teenagers are facing that we can already tell one who is having depression and one who isn’t. And to help you with it, here are some behaviors that you need to be aware of among your teens:

  1. Loss of energy and motivation to do the things they love.
    When you notice them withdrawing from their friends and being constantly absent from class because they prefer to lock themselves up in their room, they might be going through something.
  2. Insomnia and restlessness.
    Difficulty in sleeping or having irregular sleeping hours is one of the most obvious signs of depression. When someone stays up the whole night just doing nothing or staring into space, they could be bothered with something but they do not know how to deal with it. You have to be very sensitive to this kind of teen as they could really be upset about something.
  3. Changes in their appetite.
    Someone who is depressed may eat a lot or eat nothing at all. One’s appetite can tell what they are truly feeling. As someone who is binge eating in almost every hour could really be problematic. Whereas a child who seems to be on a diet or frequently skipping meals, they could also be going through something. It is always best for parents to check on their child’s well-being.

What are the other symptoms of depression that you can think of? Perhaps, you have noticed something different on your child or they seem to go out of the house more rather than tell you things that are bothering them. As parents, we are always concerned about what our children do. However, we find it hard to reach out to them especially if they shut us off.

What we strongly suggest at Teen Depression, a teen treatment center in Los Angeles, is for parents to be mindful and open to their child. They must ask them daily about what happened in school or things that they would want to share with them. They must keep an open communication and an open mind to listen to their stories and problems. This is the only way to make them release their true emotions as well as be able to manage their reactions.

For more information about teen depression, you can visit our rehabilitation center in California or talk to our consultants today!

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