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Self-Harm: It’s a Silent Cry for Help, Not a Publicity Stunt

Self-Harm: It’s a Silent Cry for Help, Not a Publicity Stunt
For many people, cutting oneself is just acting out. It’s seeking attention. Others would say you’re only doing self-harm so you can get special treatment. But you know this isn’t true, right? You know that deeper things are longed for by every person, just like you, things, such as comfort, acceptance, and reassurance.

But the teenage years can seem like putting you in a rough patch. Do you often find yourself unsure about who you can turn to in a time of crisis? Do you wonder if your friends will still be your friends if they learn about what you do to yourself? Will your parents understand how you feel?

A prolonged period of uncertainty can leave everyone overwhelmed, uncertain, or lost. Eventually, this could lead you to develop unhealthy coping mechanisms (such as self-harm) to regulate feelings or moods. When you’re in these sensitive moments, do you find comfort in acts such as self-harm? Would you be willing to try another way that won’t make your body hurt? Self-harm may seem like the only thing that is working for you right now, but that’s not true. Going to therapy works and this can help you.

You have friends at Teen Depression who can take steps with you towards overcoming low and depressing emotions. Consider the following suggestions:

  1. Keep yourself occupied
    You always have the choice to be productive. It might not be easy, but it is definitely worth a shot. There are many ways you can express your emotions. If you want, you can even try something new, like writing poems, making art, or joining a teen depression treatment in Los Angeles, California.
  2. Engage your senses
    Find something that will help you feel more alive. There are many life-giving activities around you that show the beauty of life and living. All you need to do is give these a chance. How about hearing a baby’s laughter or looking closely at a flower? You can also write down a list of things you are thankful for to ground your senses.
  3. Direct your thoughts
    Intrusive thoughts can easily occupy your mind if you aren’t careful. Steer your mind away from the negativity before it takes a plunge by listening to happy music. A fun and energetic beat will surely creep into your system and help you enjoy a more positive mindset. It works as a quick boost of confidence, too! Give it a go!
  4. Nurture your mental health
    In the same way that you need to visit the doctor to keep your body fit, you will also need to make the same effort to keep your mind healthy. If you’re uncertain on how to get started, you can get in touch with local depression support groups in your area. Another option you can try is by reaching out to a teen treatment center in Los Angeles.

Let us journey with you in winning over your challenges in life. Remember, you are NOT alone. Let us walk with you.

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