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The “Who Saves You from Yourself?” Question

The “Who Saves You from Yourself?” Question

We all come to a point where we ask ourselves, “Who can save me from my own self?” We could be making people smile and laugh. We could also be helping people get through their own monsters inside them. But, who saves us if we are in a constant battle against ourselves? Who reaches out when we drown ourselves in the clouds of our own dark thoughts?

The answer is simple: YOU. You save yourself.

Your own choices make you stronger. If you give up on making your own choices, no one will make them for you. When you trip, someone can help you. If there’s no one there, then stand on your own. It’s your choice to stay down or get up and stand taller.

Some people do not see our battles. It’s either we don’t show them, or they have their own battles to win. Don’t hold it against them. Look at the better picture, instead. Our choices give us the chance to be stronger and braver. That way, we don’t have to wait to be saved. That way, we can save others.

Strong people are not strong because they never fell. They simply chose to be brave and motivated to think better, do better, and feel better. The world can hand you everything you need on a silver platter, but without your choice to pick yourself up, it won’t do you any good. Everyone you know can give their words of encouragement or push you off the edge. It is still your choice that will end you or make you.

Imagine if everyone could not conquer their inner demons. We wouldn’t be living in a world filled with fighters and warriors and healers. People choose to fight no matter what they go through. People cry and wipe their face dry and keep pushing forward. People fall, break their hearts, and then stand up, dust their clothes and keep walking. The answer, again, is simple: because they choose to.

People can help you to stand up. They can wipe your tears and give you love. But without your own will to choose to stand, to dry your tears and to love yourself, you will not see the beauty of the world. You will meet people who want to break you, knock you off your feet and keep you down. But remember that not everyone will be like them. There will also be people who fight for you, cry for you, and bleed for you.

Focus on the people who give you a better light of the world. Focus on the love of the people who make you hope for a better day. Do not tell yourself you are not worth it, because not everyone will agree with you. Look at yourself through the eyes of someone who loves you and cares for you.

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