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Teenage Depression: Why Does It Happen?

Teenage Depression: Why Does It Happen?

Not even the most well-adjusted teenagers are spared from difficulty. The teen years can be such a turbulent phase in a person’s life, especially with the struggles of fitting in, the desire to be accepted, the pressure of school, and the confusion that comes with discovering one’s own identity. It’s really not a wonder that young adults are susceptible to getting depressed these days.

Teen Depression, a facility known for its remarkable teen depression treatment in Los Angeles, California, gives you several reasons as to why depression occurs in young adult children. We believe this is the key to discovering improved ways to help teenagers cope with this debilitating condition.

  1. Stress.
    Teenagers experience stress all the time; it happens to them both in school and at home. The pressure to pass those exams, to fit in with the popular crowd, to be liked; all of these things can take a toll on a young person, especially when the results don’t necessarily go their way. The trouble at home can even be worse at times because teenagers would feel like they have nowhere to go; their sanctuary has now become their worst nightmare.
  2. The woes of self-discovery.
    The path to self-discovery can be a hard one. There are times when you fight who you really are to conform to the more popular and acceptable notions of who a successful individual is supposed to be. You feel like you’re betraying your family and everyone else who loves you by being your true self. This is a sad and depressing matter that a lot of teenagers are now facing in this day and age.
  3. Rejection.
    For some teenagers, rejection can be a rude awakening. When they get rejected by someone they like, a college they applied to, or anything else that has caught their interest, they may feel like they’re not good enough. There are some who are not emotionally strong enough to handle these situations which is why they spiral down into the pit of despair.
  4. Loneliness.
    A popular, troubled teenager can be surrounded by all the friends in the world but still be lonely. He could be asking himself, do they really like me for me or am I just someone they want to be friends with because of my status? Are they just using me to get what they want? Would someone like me as I truly am? And of course, there are issues with regards to being unlovable that these young adult children seem to put in their head. It’s a whole lot of complexities that have to be addressed by Teen Depression, a state-of-the-art facility for teen OCD treatment Los, Angeles. We also specialize in finding the root cause of depression in teenagers in order to provide solutions that are specifically structured around their unique and changing circumstances.

A message to depressed teenagers: when people tell you that you shouldn’t be depressed, don’t listen. Don’t think that what you feel doesn’t matter just because others who went through it were able to handle it; your journey is different from theirs. Always keep this in mind: if you FEEL IT, then it should definitely matter! Talk to your parents or someone you know who’ll listen and give you their support.

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