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Individual Psychotherapy: What to Expect

Individual Psychotherapy: What to Expect

In the medical field, we use psychotherapy to refer to treatments involving mental health problems. Depression is one of the common mental illnesses that have been affecting our teenagers today. One of the scientifically grounded treatments is individual psychotherapy.

As a Teen Depression Rehab Los Angeles, we provide individual psychotherapy for teenagers struggling with depression. If you have a loved one who is also struggling with this mental illness, here are some things they can expect when they attend a psychotherapy session:

  • Your counselor or therapist will talk to you about your depression symptoms and actual struggles. This discussion is best conducted in the therapist’s office. If you don’t feel comfortable about your therapist, know that you can always request for another one.
  • The session will last from 45 minutes up to one hour, depending on your discussion. Relying on your therapist’s recommendation, you can meet with them weekly or bi-weekly.
  • There are different types of psychotherapy available. It is important to note that not all forms of Teen Depression Treatment in Los Angeles, California are similar. Your therapist may administer a combination of these treatments depending on your condition.
  • Your therapist will encourage you to talk and describe your thoughts and feelings. You may feel awkward about opening up in the first few sessions. Yet, you will eventually relax in the following sessions.
  • In the course of your counseling session, emotions may become intense. You may end up crying or feeling upset. Don’t hold these emotions back. This way, your therapist will help you manage these feelings so you can overcome depression.
  • Every discussion you have with your therapist is maintained in a confidential manner. Hence, when you feel like you want to talk to the counselor, know that your particular condition is kept in confidence.

Are you in need of Teen Depression Therapy Los Angeles? If you or you know someone who does, connect with us at Teen Depression. We have licensed and experienced counselors who can assist you in this life-changing journey. To inquire, contact us!

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