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The Two-Hit Hypothesis: Is Your Teenager Depressed?

Understanding the Two-hit Hypothesis: Is Your Teenager Going Through This?

The TWO-HIT HYPOTHESIS is the medical term given to two vital causes of depression among teenagers. The first involves external events that cause trauma in the teenager’s life, and the second is their personal medical history with increased risk of going through clinical depression.

Parents, are you aware of these causes?

As a teen depression treatment in Los Angeles, California, we’re here to partner with you in going through this dark tunnel of depression that happens to your beloved sons and daughters. Here are some important elements you need to know about the two-hit hypothesis.

  • Depression is not age-sensitive

    This means that your teenager is not too young to go through depression. There are many depression facts about teenagers that you can search online to verify that your adolescent is not exempt from depression. This knowledge can give you an upper hand in journeying with your child.

  • External happenings can trigger depressive reactions

    Everything that happens outside of our personal confines is out of our control. Your teenager is fully aware of this, especially when they can experience bullying from schoolmates, having their hearts broken from a breakup or even the loss of a really close family member. Even situations that can be positively changing can be emotionally overwhelming to your teenager, such as the marriage of a close older sibling or being given a university scholarship. An emotionally sensitive teenager may have a challenging time adjusting to these happenings that will impact their feelings greatly.

  • Medical history can contribute to depressive tendencies

    Whether we like it or not, your child’s medical records and family health history can influence their risks of getting depressed. In fact, some illnesses are associated with depressive symptoms, such as the following:

    • Thyroid disorders
    • Chronic diseases
    • Anemia
    • Asthma

    For these reasons, your teenager manifesting depression also needs to undergo adequate medical screening to identify these health causes, and possibly administer the necessary intervention.

Parents, how does know these causes help you?

Nothing is more nerve-wracking to parents than to see their children in trouble, whether it’s a physical, emotional, or mental struggle. If we can, we’re more than willing to trade places with them just so they will stop feeling the pain that they’re feeling. However, when you know the possible triggers of your teenager’s depression, you will feel equipped to find the necessary interventions. And isn’t this very empowering to parents?

The good news is that help is always available for you and your teenager. Our Teen Treatment Center in Los Angeles is ready to assist your loved one so they can overcome the battle that is depression.

Dear parents, if you’re feeling guilty about what your child is going through, we hope to encourage you that guilt is not the answer. Getting help is. Accompany your child to Teen Depression, where you can meet with compassionate counselors who will walk you and your child through this tunnel and on to the bright exit.

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